About Us

Jeremiah Pearson is a life-long resident of Arkansas. Growing up in Magness, Arkansas, a small town of less than 200 people, Jeremiah attended Newark High School and graduated in 1992. He then pursued his higher education, graduating from Lyon College in 1997 and the William H. Bowen School of Law in 2000. Jeremiah has been practicing law in the state of Arkansas since 2001.

After graduating, Jeremiah worked with other firms in order to gain experience and knowledge. In 2009 Jeremiah and Bradley Wallace joined forces to found Pearson & Wallace Law in Northwest Arkansas. However, a few short years later, Wallace decided to pursue other adventures and parted from the firm. Jeremiah kept the business and rebranded the offices under his name.

Over the years, Jeremiah has handled a variety of different cases, including but not limited to: personal injury cases as well as cases of domestic, criminal, and probate law. While operating his own business, he quickly realized that many people with legal needs did not have proper access to the help they required. A majority of the time, financial constraints were the primary obstacle, but other times, varying factors contributed to the lack of legal help. Because of this, Jeremiah has made one of his business's core foundations to work with clients at all costs in order to provide them the legal help they need.

Arkansas is a state with a lot of small towns and a lot of small-town folks. In fact, a large portion of people that do not currently live in a small town did at some point in their life. Here at Pearson & Wallace Law, we believe that it is easier for people to communicate with those they know and trust, and that the small-town familiarity and a strong sense of community is an exceptional foundation to build trust upon. Therefore, it is our goal to continue that small-town familiarity with both its clients and the area in which we live and work.